What We Do

 Members are not required to participate in any activity or serve on any committee. Each mom decides how much or how little participation is best for her and her family. Here is a small sample of the many activities we offer:  

Monthly Meetings

With discussions, snacks, and other fun programs.


Meet, talk, and play with other members and their children of the same age. These playgroups can be in a member's home, local park, library, or other child-centered location.  We also keep in touch over social media and have pop-up playdate and lunch meet-ups. 

MOMS Night Out

Once a month moms get together for an evening of fun. Recent activites included movie night, dinner, game night, and more.

Special Events

We have themed gatherings  for the whole family! It is fantastics to see all our little ghouls dress up to trick-or-treat for our Halloween Pizza and Glow Stick Party, and of course scavenge for our Spring Celebration and Easter Egg Hunt. We try to involve the whole family as much as possible with Potluck gatherings and Park days. 

Community Service Projects

We have worked with several local organizations such as Homefront,  Lawrence Community Center and other charities that help break the cycle of poverty by assisting families and children in need in our community. Through our annual fundraising, we have donated funds and supplies to the LTEF, Lawrence Library, Lawrence Nature Center, Trenton Animal Shelter, Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, and other organizations that serve our community.